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Last night when I am working with outlook then an unknown error has occurred 0x80040119 in my pc. Again and again this error message occurred. I cannot work with outlook due to this error. I can’t be able to send or receive mails from outlook.


Solution of this error

This error occurs due to damage PST files. You can repair PST files easily and remove error code 0x80040119 from your system. The process how to repair pst files is also given below. This error easily removed by some manual steps that are given below:-

arrow When you will get this error then exit from outlook. Scan your damage PST files from scanpst.exe tool. The process is given below.

arrow Go to this location C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office12 and open SCANPST.EXE.

arrow Microsoft outlook inbox repair tool window will be open. Browse the damage PST file then click start button to scan corrupted file.

arrow After scanning PST file the report is show in the figure. Then click on repair button.

arrow After repairing PST file open control panel then open mail and in email account setting disable cache mode if this is enable.

arrow Then click on data files and remove all the archive PST folders from data files.

arrow Open outlook then you will see the error will be removed. Add the PST file and work with outlook no any error will occur.

You can also use the third party outlook PST file repair tool for removing error code 0x80040119. The tool removes it very easily and you will also get some advance feature from it.

“Messaging interface has caused an unknown error” error message getting in outlook. How can I fix it?

whenever I am working with outlook an unknown error message displayed in the screen. The message is “Messaging interface has caused an unknown error”. When I am trying to check mails then this error occur.

If you are getting the above error message then read this article the solution of this error is given. When this error message generate then it is to be clear that this error comes due to corruption or damage outlook PST files.


When you are working with outlook and suddenly system will shutdown then the PST file that was open is may be corrupt and this error will occurs. This error will also generate due to large size of PST files. Process to remove outlook PST errors is given below.

Solution of this error

To remove this error message first of all you have to fix PST files that are damage or corrupt. You can fix this file from scanpast.exe. This is an outlook PST repair tool that is default available in your system. The tool is available in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office12 location. Go to this location open this tool and then browse your corrupted PST files and scan it. After scanning file your error will be removed.

If your file size is more than 2 GB then you have to use third party inbox repair tool because scanpst.exe tool is not able to repair large PST files. You will get also another great feature from this tool. Many outlook errors can remove by this tool.

Hey friends, I am irritating with the following outlook error. Last night I was downloading emails to my local PC, I got an error message on outlook, they are like that:

Solution of this error

Data error is mainly occurring if your PST (personal storage files or personal folder files) file is corrupted and it is CRC error, you can fix this error though these important ways:

arrow You never store your PST file on a network driver or server: Generally, outlook is designed to store files on local pc, so, when you store these file on a remote drive or server, it may cause your PST file corruption frequently.

arrow Always back-up your PST files: you can always back up your PST files weekly basis, because it the best way to prevent your PST files or folders.

arrow Do not store large volume of emails: MS outlook will dead-lock if are you store a large quantity of emails in one time because after dead-lock you will have to automatically shut down outlook which will very likely reason of corruption most of PST files.

arrow You can use scanpst.exe tool, it is free tool that given by the Microsoft outlook.

I hope, above these steps will help you for the fixing of your irritating outlook data error.

I am getting “An unknown error has occurred 0x80040116” outlook error. How to fix it?

Last two days, when I was seen my earlier downloaded email, I am facing “error 0x80040116”, and I was unable to seen this. I try to solve this error from the outlook pre-scanning facility but it cannot work on this and I have outlook 2010. So, please anyone helping for the fixing of this annoying error.

This error cause by the corrupted or damaged PST files, or for the virus, Trojan attack, or some time for the improper system shutdown, it may also caused by the oversized of your PST file, or heavy attachments in your emails.

So, you need to solve this error immediately, because this error might be caused your PST file lost situation. You can use given listed steps to easily solve this outlook error 0x80040116 from your computer:

Solution of this error

arrow Do not expand your PST files: Although outlook 2010 supports 50GB, but most operation with large PST files are very slow and larger files most likely become corrupted then the fix process will still be time consuming. So, you do not expand your PST files in large size.

arrow Never shut down you PST, if it still in running: if you shut down your outlook abnormally then it may cause your PST file lost situation. So, you never shut down your outlook abnormally in task manager.

arrow Be careful with your antivirus software: If your PST file is larger in size and contains a lot of emails and in this situation, your antivirus software will protect it. Then most of the operation with the emails, in your PST folder will be affected by this software as well. In this way, your PST file work very slow operation, and you may face this error code 0x80040116, and Microsoft OneCare may even delete PST files.

Microsoft Outlook has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience. How to fix it?

Whenever I try to start Microsoft outlook that is running windows XP on my computer, then Microsoft outlook always encounters an unexpected error “Microsoft Outlook has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience”. After I receive this error message Outlook doesn’t start. This error was very much irritating and creates annoying situation to me.

According to my own view this error is occurred due to the data corruption in OST file. If this error is occurring from long time then you may the victim of data loss situation. There are several reasons to occur like missing or corrupt of registry keys, manual change in windows component, installing incompatible driver software, damaged or oversized OST file.

Solution of this error

I am going to show you some guides that may fix this error:-

arrow If currently you are working in Microsoft outlook then close it.Click start and in the search box find the OST file that causes error.

arrow The Exchange OST file contains offline data including the mail message and many other items, then please recover the offline data from the OST file. If you don’t recover you may lose your important data.

arrow For the safety you need to backup the original OST file. Rename the original OST file. Then restart your computer. In condition this method doesn’t work then your current mail profile is incorrect.

arrow Then create new OST file or use the third party repair tool. To create new OST file, reopen Outlook.

arrow Click Tools -> Options -> others tab -> Advanced options -> Click Add In Manager.Disable all AddIns by unclicking them then Click ok.Click COM Addins and then remove all COM Addins and then click ok. Close Outlook and restart your computer. By following above steps you can fix this error.

You can find this repair tool from the location C:\Programs Files\ Microsoft Office \Office version (7/10/13 etc). Double click on the inbox repair tool it will provide an interface, Now give the path of the file you have to scan with file name and click on the start button. After sometime the file will be scanned and error will be removed for ever. Now use your outlook PST file to send or receive e-mails, store data such as contacts, notes, calendar etc. We can also recover deleted or damaged PST files with the help of inbox repair tool. We can also use PST repair tool to fix this error.

I am getting error message “The file c: xxxxx.pst is not a personal folders file” when try to open the CD which was copied from .pst to CD drive. When I try to import that file getting that error message frequently. I cannot get any solutions of this error please anyone help me...

Xxxx.pst is occurring due to corrupt.pst file in the System. When a PST file is get corrupt it unable to access stored data and information from this file and show the result of an error.


There are many reasons to corrupt of an xxxx.pst file. Incorrect system file, access mail attachment, wrong way to close out look application, over size pst file etc. It gets corrupt when it crosses the maximum storage limit.

Solution of this error

Microsoft added an inbuilt utility to overcome this error of xxxx.pst in all outlook versions. You have to find out the location where it is. The scanpst.exe file which is quickly retrieves all emails, attachments, calenders, contacts from you System. It deletes the corrupt or damage data format and recovers all in a new way. If you are unable to fix this you can use a third party Inbox repair Tool to fix all and retrieves the data with the actual format. It is a well advice to you to repairing your PST file by using Inbox Repair Tool. To run the Inbox Repair Tool follows this step-

arrow Click Start, in the Search box, type scanpst.exe

arrow Double click the Scanpst.exe file to open the Inbox Repair Tool.

arrow Type the path and the file name of the personal folders (.pst) file or click Browse to locate the file by using the Windows file system. Then click start

You can able to retrieve your .pst file and all its contents from the System. Inbox repair tool is very helpful to give solutions of the error message.

I was working on MS office outlook and during the mail sending I got an error message as “Errors have been detected in the file xxxx.pst. Quite Outlook and all mail enabled allpications, and then use the inbox repair tool (Scanpst.exe) to diagnose and repair errors in the file. For more information about the inbox repair tool, see help”. I used Scanpst.exe file to fix this error but unable to fix then I use external pst repair tool to fix this error. I scan whole pst file and found that never gets this error again.

Solution of this error

Sometime we get this outlook PST error while sending or receiving mails due to some corrupt or damaged PST files. We can solve this error by following manual process which is as below:-

arrow Since PST file is damaged by malicious programs so never download free softwares from free or duplicate sites.

arrow Always use an updated anti-virus and scan your system

arrow Repair PST file

You can also use inbox repair tool (Scanpst.exe) which is embedded in windows given by Microsoft. You can find this repair tool from the location C:\Programs Files\ Microsoft Office \Office version (7/10/13 etc). Double click on the inbox repair tool it will provide an interface, Now give the path of the file you have to scan with file name and click on the start button. After sometime the file will be scanned and error will be removed for ever. Now use your outlook PST file to send or receive e-mails, store data such as contacts, notes, calendar etc. We can also recover deleted or damaged PST files with the help of inbox repair tool. We can also use PST repair tool to fix this error.

How to fix pst error message “The file xxxx.pst could not be found.”

Last night I was working on office outlook and sending the mails to my friend but during this period I failed to receive his message due to an error message “The file xxxx.pst could not be found.” I used default pst repair tool Scanpst.exe file to fix this error and again try to send mail, I found that this error not comes again.

Solution of this error

If you got the error message “The file xxxx.pst could not found” in outlook PST file then fix this error quickly. This error is basically caused by damaged or corrupt outlook or PST files. If the stored data of PST file is damaged or corrupted then it may be give this error message so Microsoft has provided the option of inbox repair tool (Scanpst.exe) to fix this error free of cost.

arrow Go to the location C:\Windows\System32\microsoft Office\Office 7\10\12\13…

arrow Select the Scanpst.exe file

arrow Double click on this file

arrow You will get an interface which is very easy to understand the scan process

arrow Click on the browse option and select the pst file you have to scan to fix error

arrow Finally click on the scan button which is given in the footer of the interface

But we can’t remove all PST errors through Scanpst.exe file because it has some limitation. One of the limitations is that it can’t fix the error if the size of PST file is more than 2GB. If you also meet this situation then you can use an external PST repair tool to fix such type of error which may not remove or fixed by Scanpst.exe.

I am using outlook 2010. Recently I am facing some issue when attempt to working on the outlook and no message are shown in my mailbox. I have restarting outlook and did not get any result. Error message comes back when new mail comes in.

Like other common error show on the System screen 0x80040600 Code display when using outlook version 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. If the PST file is corrupt it makes inaccessible of the Outlook. You can get trouble when accessing a file, sending file, receiving a file, reading a file or deleting an e-mail message in the MS Outlook application.

Solution of this error

First you have to locate corrupt .pst file from your PC then you have to install Inbox Repair Tool to repair corrupted PST file.

arrow Go to Control Panel Window of Operating System

arrow Go to User Account

arrow Click on Mail Icon then choose Data Files button in mail setup-Outlook dialog box

arrow Select the folder of yours and choose setting

arrow Copy the location of folder file name and paste in Windows explorer.

arrow You can found the exact location of the damage file .

By this manual steps you can get solutions of (0x80040600) error code, after that you can recover all mails from your mailbox.



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