File xxxx.pst could not be accessed error in outlook

By | June 18, 2017

About this error

I think you know about outlook and its files. If I am wrong then doesn’t matter you will know about it here. You will know about repair PST files. Outlook is a product of Microsoft that is used to sending mail and receiving mail. We can check our mails in offline mode through outlook. There are so many extra features in outlook that are very important in our life. Outlook application installed when you install Microsoft office. It is the part of office package. There are two types of files created by outlook .pst and .ost. All the outlook data mails, events, calendar are saved in .pst files. If your xxxx.pst could not be accessed in outlook then this is the very dangerous situation because the entire important files related outlook is saved in this file. But in this article you will know about how to repair outlook data files.

How this error generates

Xxxx.pst could not be accessed error have so many cause but the main reason is damage of PST file. You can understand the reason of this error through the error message. Now the question is how PST file is damage. When you are working with outlook that means any PST file is open with it if your computer is forcely shutdown or suddenly turn off due to electricity or another problem then the working file is affected and file will be damage. And again when you start your computer then it will give you an error xxxx.pst could not be accessed.

How it is harmful for you

Data loss is very big problem in our computer. We save all the important data in many formats and files, all the remembering memories of our life. We did not want to lose it. If it loses then a big problem occurs in our life. Many office work files are saved in our PST files that are very important. You have faced many types of critical situation after damage your important data or files. So my advice is that, keep always a backup file of important data.

Repairing of pst file and removing this error

The important point is PST file repair process that is very important for you. I will describe the process how to repair PST files here. It will explained in step by step so the peoples can easily understand the process if they read carefully. The steps are described below.

In my view you should have to use scanpst.exe tool for the repairing PST file. This tool is not requiring downloading or installing, scanpst.exe provided by Microsoft. It automatically comes in your folder during installing Microsoft office. If you want to use scanpst.exe then follow these steps: –

Open my computer then open c drive then open program files. If you are using 32 bit then (program files x86) and if 64 bit then (program files x64). Then go to Microsoft office. After that open office12 folder. The scanpst.exe file is available here. Open it.

Now the repair windows will appear here you have to browse or scan for catch the error of PST file.

After scanning you will see the corrupted file then click on repair button. It will take some time but your repair process will be done successfully.

I think the PST file will be repaired successfully. If your PST file is more than 2 GB then you have to use new version just like Microsoft office 2007, 2010 etc. it supports 20 GB size of PST files. But the above version of it support 50 GB file size.

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